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  Urban Oasis

Star Swamps 96 hectares of bushland reserve nestled in the heart of North Beach. It’s a vital breeding ground for over 80 species of birds, marsupials, reptiles and insects. As well as being home to several hundred flora species which you’ll see starting to bloom as we come into Spring.

The area was actually earmarked for residential development in the 1970’s but thanks to strong campaigning by locals and environmentalists, Star Swamp was officially protected as a bushland forever site in the 1980’s. Now present and future generations will be able to enjoy the magic of this urban sanctuary for years to come.
You can read more about the rich and varied history of Star Swamp in our Coastal Market Mini Mag – pick up a copy in our office or download here:

Low stock and soaring demand

As we head into the second half of the year, Perth remains an undersupplied market due to the continued growing population that our state is experiencing.
People are choosing to buy established homes rather than combat the rental market, increasing costs and ongoing delays in the building industry are also seeing people prefer to buy than build. The short supply has also been heavily impacted by the plunging number of properties available as sales outpace new listings.
According to REIWA there were just 5,458 properties for sale at the end of June compared to 5,890 on the market some four weeks ago. But to paint a clearer picture of just how low stock levels are right now, REIWA figures indicate levels at 36.5% lower than 12 months ago.
Despite a number of interest rate rises properties in Perth are being sold with a median time in Perth of just two weeks. Home values are climbing and Perth is the strongest-performing capital city in the country so far this year, with prices up 3.07% since January and 4.21% since the same time in 2022. Interestingly, there is only one city in Australia with a lower medium house price than Perth and that is Darwin.
There is a massive shortage of stock but demand remains hot, suggesting sellers are in the driver’s seat.

Why sell now?

Encouraging data shows that there is still really good activity in the market with some of our core markets have seen positive growth in the last 12 months.
Based on latest data ending March 2023, Sorrento has seen a 12% sales growth with a median house price increased to $1.35m, Marmion sales growth is up 14% with a median sale price of $1.4m and in NorthBeach sales growth of 17.8% with a median sale price of $1.34m.
Days on market remain low as does stock levels. REIWA data also indicating median selling days (12) and listings (Apr – 4,930) are the lowest they’ve been since 2013.
The temptation for some sellers is to batten down the hatches and wait it out until spring, although that may be a missed opportunity. There’s the chance to capitalise on competing with fewer similar properties.
There’s a clear advantage to selling now, buyers are still out with less choice and strong sale prices are still being achieved. All in all, there are some very positive reasons to sell now!

Get rent ready.

As many of our clients have experienced, the rental climate is highly competitive across the country but particularly here in WA.

A tip to strengthen your rental application is to register your tenant profile through your agents preferred customer portal. For example: at Ray White Keevers Group we use Snug

By registering in advance, property managers will have your details on hand immediately. This can significantly streamline the application process and improve your chances of securing a lease

How to approach selling in a more cautious market.

In sales we have seen a shift, the rapid price growth and huge number of buyers, many prepared to buy sight unseen during 2022 has dwindled. With interest rates and cost of living pressures making buyers a lot more cautious and budget conscious.

What we know is that in this type of market, strategic marketing and negotiation skills are essential to achieve great results. Given that until now for well over a decade interest rates have been decreasing, many agents simply don’t have the knowledge and experience to navigate this environment.

That is why now, more than ever it is vitally important to choose your agent carefully. You need to do your due diligence to find an agent with a team approach. Experience when facing a more challenging market is invaluable paired with having the right skills to navigate the more cautious buyers and remaining focused on achieving the best results.

At the Keevers Group we are dedicated to achieving the desired outcome for our clients and confident we have the skills and knowledge to succeed in any market conditions.

Getting your finances ready to buy.

When it comes to buying a property, it’s never too early to start getting your finances in order. If a new house is on the cards this year, here are our top tips for getting your financials looking

Give yourself time.
You may need somewhere in the vicinity 6 months of saving (minimum) before lenders will consider you for a loan. Being gifted or suddenly acquiring a lump sum for a deposit unfortunately isn’t enough, even if it’s a sizeable amount.

Minimise credit lines.
When it comes to lending capacity, credit cards are considered debt, even if you pay them off in full each month. If you can’t close down your accounts, it’s worth reducing your credit limit and paying your debt down as much as possible. Lenders will also look at any other outstanding loans including car repayments. More recently we’re also seeing lenders include buy-now-pay-later services (like AfterPay) in their reviews so ensure you’re accounting for these, too.

Streamline your expenses.
Review your expenditure in ‘non-essential’ areas. Things like streaming services, as well as dining out and entertainment are the kinds of expenses that will be closely examined.

Hire a professional.
Engaging a qualified mortgage broker is invaluable when you are evaluating your financial position to buy. They can give you tailored advice and industry insight to put you in your best possible position. When the time comes to apply for loans, they will advise you on the best lenders and mortgage options for your unique circumstances.

If you’re in the buyers market, get in touch to join our database and have first access to properties as well as exclusive off-market opportunities.

Winter Warmer Recipes from Ray White Keevers Group

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen this winter? Look no further, we have put together some delicous recipes to inspire you. Check out the link and tag us on socials to show us your culinary skills. Winter Warmers

Soaring Annual Growth

Marmion, North Beach and Gwelup homeowners rejoice! REIWA’s recent figures have shown that the median house sale increased for all 3 suburbs by more than a whopping 35% last financial year.
Marmion median house sale is now $1.35 million increasing by 39% on the previous year
North Beach median house sale is now $1.402 million increasing by 36% on the previous year
Gwelup median house sale is now $1.112 million increasing by 35% on the previous year
Desirable locations will always draw a positive result for sellers. If you’re a local seller you’re in a great position, if now is not the time for you, sit back and relax knowing that the value of your home increased by more than $750.00 for every day of the last financial year.

Perth is the most affordable capital city to buy a home

You may have heard through the media that Perth is the most affordable capital city to buy a house. This is great news but how does this impact you as a homeowner?

The news that Perth is the cheapest city to live in it’s not just locals jumping on the properties. According to PropTrack homebuyers and investors from NSW and VIC can’t resist the allure of WA. The number of searches by NSW for homes in WA Has increased by 47% and 42% in VIC.

Buyers in Sydney and Melbourne are often stunned to realise they can purchase a spacious family home with a large backyard in Perth for less than the cost of a cramped unit in their city. Add our fantastic weather, lifestyle and lets not forget our amazing coastline and sunsets of course, I can’t believe they have only just figured this out!

Investors are also being enticed by our low vacancy rates, affordable property prices, and higher rental yields. With the median unit price currently sitting at $785,000 in Sydney and $621,000 in Melbourne, compared to just $415,000 in Perth, it’s a no-brainer.

So to answer the question, what does this mean for me as a homeowner? Don’t panic about the interest rate rises and the cost of living affecting the value of your home. Buyer demand is still strong and with East Coasters lining up to enter our property market, it is likely to stay this way for some time.

What to do before listing your home for sale

If your getting ready to sell your home, there are several things you need to consider. It takes a whole lot more than just posting a For Sale sign out the front, especially if you want to achieve the best result. Whilst in can seem overwhelming take it one step at a time and you will be prepared and have your best foot forward to achieve a great result! A great place to start would be to check out these top four things to do before listing your home by Perth Style Company.

Four things to do before listing your home for sale

Five things to consider before buying your next property.

Our friends at Perth Style Co have shared some great tips on what to consider when purchasing a property.

It’s fair to say it’s likely to be one of the most important financial decisions you ever have to make. So it makes sense to gain as much knowledge and insight on a property as you can in order to make smart, calculated decisions.

In today’s market, time is simply of the essence! If you don’t get in early on a new listing, you tend to miss out. With this in mind, it’s still important to make logical and considered choices, rather than those powered by emotion and urgency. So, before you even think about signing on the dotted line, click on the below link and ponder these five things.

Peth Style Co’s five things to consider before buying your next property.

Is your home Winter ready?

With Winter fast approaching it’s time to consider getting your home full-proofed before the wild weather sets in.

Step 1: Clean out your gutters. If it’s not cleaned out, your guttering and/or downpipes can easily become clogged with leaves and other debris.

Step 2: Another factor to consider is to have your roof inspected to detect any broken tiles which could potentially save you thousands of dollars in other damages.

Step 3: Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected before you start building those cozy fires. A chimney sweep company will make sure the fireplace is safe to use and it can also identify maintenance problems.

Step 4: This is also the time to order that load of firewood.

Step 5: Test your smoke detectors. Winter is the time most house fires happen. It’s the time of year when we’re blasting heaters and building fires. We are also much more likely to have our home closed up tight. Check all of your smoke detectors to make sure they are working and that they have good batteries.

Go into the Winter months with peace of mind that your home will stand up!